BREAKING HITS Announces NYFW Mixer at Serafina in the Sky

BREAKING HITS news Announces NYFW Mixer

[New York City, September 15th] – BREAKING HITS successfully hosted its highly-anticipated NYFW Mixer at the glamorous Serafina in the Sky on September 14th, 2022. This exclusive event brought together the brightest stars of the music industry and the world of fashion for an unforgettable evening of fashion, music, networking, and celebration at one of New York City’s most breathtaking venues.

The BREAKING HITS NYFW Mixer took place at Serafina in the Sky, a renowned location known for its panoramic views and luxurious atmosphere. Located in the heart of New York City, this sophisticated venue provided the perfect backdrop for an immersive night of artistic collaboration, where emerging artists, industry professionals, fashion influencers, and tastemakers came together.

Attendees were treated to an extraordinary experience as they mingled with renowned industry figures, discovered the latest fashion trends, and witnessed captivating live performances by rising music stars. The NYFW Mixer served as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their music and form connections with fashion leaders, designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts, resulting in a unique fusion of music and style.

“We were thrilled to have hosted the BREAKING HITS NYFW Mixer at the stunning Serafina in the Sky,” said Neil Collins, CEO & Founder at BREAKING HITS. “This event celebrated the intersection of music and fashion, showcasing emerging artists and their creative collaborations with the fashion industry. It was an incredible night of artistic expression, networking, and the formation of meaningful connections that will undoubtedly shape the future of both industries.”

In the spirit of fashion-forward creativity, guests embraced the essence of New York Fashion Week by dressing in their most stylish and chic attire. The evening was a true celebration of music, fashion, networking, and joy, capturing the excitement and glamour of the fashion industry in an unforgettable atmosphere.

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