BREAKING HITS Holiday Party 2023 @The Britely

Breakinghits Britely Holiday

The BREAKING HITS Holiday Party, which unfolded on December 22nd, 2023, at The Britely Members Club in West Hollywood, offered attendees an enjoyable evening of music, surprises, and connection.

The Britely Members Club served as the perfect venue for a casual gathering, with guests from the music industry, artists, and enthusiasts coming together for a night of genuine celebration. The atmosphere was relaxed, fostering genuine connections among attendees.

Live performances by Jaidyn Triplett, Joshua Triplett, and Capri Everitt brought a delightful musical element to the event. The DJ set a lively tone by playing upbeat music, ensuring that the dance floor remained active throughout the night.

Bowling lanes provided a fun and social activity for guests, adding an element of playfulness to the celebration. Attendees enjoyed engaging in friendly competition and laughter in a casual setting.

BREAKING HITS extends gratitude to all who attended and partners for making the event a success. Stay tuned for more upcoming events from BREAKING HITS in the coming year.

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