Leo and Fridayy Release “I Pray” Alongside Europe Tour

Leo and Fridayy Release “I Pray” Alongside Europe Tour

Leo and Fridayy, released their latest emotional single, “I Pray,” on January 22nd, 2024, marking a poignant addition to their collaborative journey. The release aligns with the ongoing “A Night w/ Fridayy” Europe Tour, which has already left its mark in Paris, France, and London, United Kingdom.

“I Pray” is a soul-stirring duet, featuring Fridayy’s emotive vocals intertwined with Leo’s harmonies. The track explores themes of self-reflection, hope, and resilience, resonating intimately with listeners.

As the Europe Tour gains momentum, “I Pray” has garnered positive feedback for its authentic and emotionally charged sound. 

“I Pray” is available on major streaming platforms, inviting fans to experience the heartfelt collaboration between Fridayy and Leo. Audiences are encouraged to catch the duo live during the remaining dates of the “A Night w/ Fridayy” Europe Tour for an immersive and unforgettable musical experience.


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