Luminary Sounds 99.3FM KJBU Hosts Interview with BREAKING HITS team, Revealing Platform’s Benefits for Users

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Luminary Sounds 99.3 KJBU, a well-known radio station for music enthusiasts, proudly presents an exclusive interview with Neil Collins, CEO & Founder of BREAKING HITS, and Omar White, SVP of Business Development. The interview, which occurred on July 27th, 2023, explored the platform’s impact on the music industry and its benefits for artists and music enthusiasts.

During the interview, Neil Collins, the visionary behind BREAKING HITS, shared his journey of transforming the music industry with his groundbreaking platform. He revealed the platform’s inception, rapid growth, and the opportunities it provides for aspiring musicians worldwide. Omar White, the SVP of Business Development of BREAKING HITS, joined Neil Collins in the conversation, providing valuable insights into the platform’s features and functionality. Together, they shed light on how artists can utilize BREAKING HITS to gain visibility, receive valuable feedback, build a dedicated fanbase through community engagement, and navigate their path to success with confidence in this competitive music landscape.

“We were glad to discuss BREAKING HITS on Luminary Sounds with hosts Junior Lledo, Francois The Great, and Missy Talks,” expressed Neil Collins. “Their support for empowering musicians, both mainstream & independent using their radio station platform is truly inspiring.”

The interview resonated with listeners, showcasing how BREAKING HITS redefines music discovery, enabling fans to explore fresh talent and actively support emerging artists they are passionate about. Luminary Sounds 99.3 KJBU was excited to offer its audience an exclusive look into the inner workings of this game-changing platform.

Listeners from Oxnard and beyond were able to tune in to Luminary Sounds 99.3 KJBU to get a better understanding of what BREAKING HITS is and its purpose. The station provided various listening options through traditional radio channels and online streaming via Luminary Sounds’ official website and mobile app.

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