Mikey Tua’s 21st Birthday Extravaganza: A Star-Studded Affair at House43

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June 12th, 2023 – Social media sensation Mikey Tua celebrated his highly anticipated 21st birthday with a glamorous and star-studded event held at House 43, a private members-only venue hosting an unforgettable celebration night. Sponsored by Happy Dad’s Hard Seltzer, Liquid Death, 24K Deliciosa Vida Tequila, and LA Vodka, the soirée brought together an impressive lineup of influential guests.

Sebastian Topete and Nick Nick, both influential DJs, set the stage with their electrifying performances. This exclusive gathering epitomized the convergence of talent, friendship, and the power of social media influence in an extraordinary setting.

House 43, known for its captivating ambiance and exclusive atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for Mikey Tua’s milestone celebration. The private tattoo studio VALUE VLTRS TATTOO, located within House 43, added an element of intrigue and personal expression to the evening’s festivities.

In addition to the glamorous setting, the event was enriched by the generous support of sponsors Happy Dad’s Hard Seltzer, Liquid Death, 24K Deliciosa Vida Tequila, and LA Vodka. Their involvement added a touch of prestige and provided guests with an array of premium beverages, including the premium 24K Deliciosa Vida Tequila and the luxurious LA Vodka, to enjoy throughout the night.

With a combined following surpassing millions across various social media platforms, Mikey Tua and his guests captured the attention of supporters, industry leaders, and media outlets alike. As the clock struck midnight, Mikey Tua embraced the beginning of adulthood, surrounded by his esteemed friends, including his lifelong best friend, Landon Barker, who has played a significant role in his remarkable journey.

Charli D’Amelio, a social media powerhouse with over 208 million followers across her platforms, brought her enchanting charisma and infectious energy to captivate the partygoers. Dixie D’Amelio, known for her vibrant personality and musical talents, left an indelible mark on the celebration, further igniting the festivities.

In attendance were notable figures from various fields, including professional MMA fighter Brian Ortega, influential personalities Josh Richards, Sissy Sheridan, Tati McQuay, White Claw Gabe, and Zack Lugo. The event also welcomed the presence of Indiana Massara, an actress and musician who recently announced becoming an ambassador and face of McLaren.

King Carl, widely recognized for his comedic TikTok content, infused the party with laughter and entertainment, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere. Sebastian Topete and Nick Nick, prominent influencers and DJs, kept the energy high and the dance floor packed with their electrifying performances.

Mikey Tua’s 21st birthday extravaganza symbolized the culmination of his rise to fame and the enduring friendships he has formed within the entertainment industry. The event epitomized the power of social media and its ability to bring together influential individuals for a night of celebration and connection.

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