Membership Plans


Basic features for starters

*billed annually
$27.99 billed monthly


The most complete solution for users

$359.88 billed annually*
$49.99 billed monthly

Member Promo Services

Starting at

*Services are subject to change and are based on eligibility and availability

$5 = 250T
$20 = 1,250T
$50 = 4,000T
$100 = 10,000T

*Exchange rate is subject to change


Artist EPK - $150 (reg. $300)
50% OFF

Website Package

3 Page
$375 (reg.$750)
5 Page
$575 (reg.$1,150)
$875 (reg.$1,750)
50% OFF

Profile Discovery

Limited Monthly Project Uploads

Ability to Earn Points & Tokens

Give Points & Tokens Rewards

For Artists: The BREAKING HITS’ Points & Tokens System incentivizes engagement and participation within the community. Artists can give Members points and tokens for sharing opinions, interacting with content, and taking part in activities.

Monthly Point Allowance: 500

Regional BREAKING HITS RSVP Event Access

For Users/Hitfluencers & Artists: BREAKING HITS introduces Regional RSVP Event Access for exclusive entry to sought-after Breaking Hits events, bringing together artists, enthusiasts, and industry professionals.

Verified User Status

For Users/Hitfluencers & Artists: BREAKING HITS Verified User Status grants exclusive benefits: Verified Badge, early access to music, curated playlists, insider news, artist interactions, VIP event invitations, enhanced social features, and premium customer support.

Geo-Analytics/Leaderboard Access

For Artists: BREAKING HITS introduces Geo-Analytics & Leaderboard Access, an exciting new feature that provides users with in-depth geographical insights into the global impact of their favorite music. With Geo-Analytics, users can explore how songs are performing in different regions, countries, and cities worldwide. The Leaderboard Access feature allows users to compete against music lovers from around the world, earning points and badges as they climb the ranks.

Advanced BOOST Functions

For Artists: Directly link users to your external support platforms (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Merch Platforms, Website, etc.)

BH Resource Center Access

For Artists: BREAKING HITS Resource Center Access: Unlock connections, collaborations, mentorship, and resources. Connect with industry pros, collaborate with artists, access exclusive events, and stay updated on industry trends. Elevate your experience.

National BREAKING HITS RSVP Event Access (Anywhere)

For Users/Hitfluencers & Artists: BREAKING HITS introduces National RSVP Event Access for exclusive entry to sought-after BREAKING HITS events, bringing together artists, enthusiasts, and industry professionals.

40 Monthly Project Uploads

For Artists: Project/Song Uploads are set to up to 40 Uploads per month

Priority Discovery (Fastest)

For Users/Hitfluencers & Artists: BREAKING HITS Priority Profile Discovery propels artists and hitfluencers to the industry forefront. Its powerful algorithms, tailored promotion, and resources offer unparalleled opportunities for growth, exposure, and success. Unlock your musical potential and connect with a global audience faster.

BH Opportunity Network

For Users/Hitfluencers & Artists: Revolutionizing music collaboration, the BREAKING HITS Opportunity Network connects artists and industry professionals within the Breaking Hits Community, providing tools, networking, and exclusive opportunities to elevate music careers.

BH Promo Marketplace

For Artists: The BREAKING HITS Promotional Services Marketplace is designed to empower and elevate the careers of music artists, provide invaluable resources for industry professionals, and connect them with influential music tastemakers (Hitfluencers).

BH Insight Suite

For Users/Hitfluencers & Artists: BREAKING HITS Insight Suite is an indispensable tool for Music Artists, Industry Professionals, and Music Tastemakers. It empowers them with real-time data, actionable insights, and a seamless platform to connect, collaborate, and thrive in the dynamic world of music.

Early Priority RSVP & Discounted VIP Ticket Purchase Option

For Users/Hitfluencers & Artists: Early Priority RSVP & Discounted VIP Ticket purchase option refers to a special opportunity provided to ‘Premium Members Only’ to secure their attendance and acquire VIP tickets for any Breaking Hits Invite Only event or gathering before the general Breaking Hits Community. This option typically comes with two main benefits:

  • Early Priority RSVP: It allows the Premium Member to express their intention to attend the event in advance, even before the official announcements begin. By RSVPing early, they indicate their interest and reserve a spot for themselves, ensuring they have a higher chance of securing a ticket.
  • Discounted VIP Ticket Purchase: This feature enables Premium Members to purchase VIP tickets at a discounted price during the early priority phase. VIP tickets usually offer enhanced experiences, such as exclusive access, premium seating, special amenities, or meet-and-greet opportunities with performers or guests. The discounted pricing provides an incentive for individuals to secure their VIP tickets early and enjoy these additional benefits at a reduced cost.