Producer Jerome “Rico” Phillips Hits #22 on Billboard Hot R&B Charts with “Don’t Give It Away” Featuring Fridayy and Chris Brown

breaking hits Jerome "Rico" Phillips Hits #22 on Billboard Hot R&B

BREAKING HITS Producer and Artist Jerome “Rico” Phillips, known for his Grammy-nominated work in songwriting, engineering, and production, has achieved another chart-topping success. His collaboration with rising artist Fridayy and global sensation Chris Brown on the electrifying track “Don’t Give It Away” debuted at an impressive #22 on the Billboard Hot R&B Charts. Renowned for his exceptional ability to shape emerging artists into stars, Jerome “Rico” Phillips has consistently proven himself as a producer extraordinaire. His extensive credits include working with industry titans such as Ray J and contributing to Chris Brown’s highly acclaimed Breezy Album, notably on the tracks “Till The Wheels Fall Off” and “Need You Right Here.” These collaborations further cement his reputation for his unmatched creativity, songwriting prowess, and dedication to crafting unforgettable music. Traveling between Detroit and Los Angeles, he draws inspiration from diverse musical landscapes, infusing his productions with a unique flair. The infectious blend of Fridayy’s unique vocal prowess and Chris Brown’s signature style in “Don’t Give It Away” captivates listeners from the first note. The track’s success at #22 on the Billboard Hot R&B Charts is a testament to Phillips’ ability to create hits that resonate with audiences worldwide. As a sought-after producer, songwriter, and engineer, Jerome “Rico” Phillips continues to push boundaries, break records, and redefine the music landscape.

Jerome “Rico” Phillips


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