Elijah Dai breaking hits alumni artist
Singer, Songwriter & Producer Elijah Dai, A fresh face with a refreshing new sound bringing a new Identity to Popular Music. Managed by Omar Otwo & J Hatch.

Elijah Dai, a mesmerizing R&B artist hailing from the United States, effortlessly marries the soulful essence of traditional R&B with the contemporary vibes of the genre. Dai has rapidly gained recognition for his unique fusion of R&B and modern influences in the music industry, thanks to his captivating vocals and magnetic stage presence.

Dai’s music resonates deeply with listeners due to its profound emotional impact. He crafts melodies that penetrate the soul and lyrics that bare raw, unfiltered emotions. His innovative approach to music production is evident in his seamless blend of classic R&B elements with cutting-edge production techniques, showcasing his avant-garde musical sensibilities. With every note, Dai demonstrates his exceptional talent, whether he’s delivering sensuous, intimate verses or powerful, soul-stirring ballads.

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