Payso breaking hits alumni artist
Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Payso, a proud Mexican-American, epitomizes the power of music as a universal language. Drawing inspiration from Electronic, Urban Latin, and Hip-hop genres, he boldly blurs the lines, demonstrating that the fusion of musical styles knows no bounds.

With a global reach, Payso has made his mark as a prolific producer and engineer, collaborating with artists from all corners of the world. Notably, he’s been an essential part of Mexico’s music scene, teaming up with the renowned artist Adriel Favela for his latest album “Cosas Del Diablo” and the chart-topping single “Contigo No Fue.” Payso’s work also made waves in the United Kingdom, achieving a top 10 spot with “Florida Water – (Miami Mix).”

His impressive portfolio extends to collaborations with diverse talents, including Mexican artist C-Kan, Puerto Rican sensation Jamby El Favo, Cuban artist Ovi, and Puerto Rican artist Almighty for “Bendito Sea El Hijo.” Whether working with established legends or emerging artists, Payso’s production expertise resonates across a multitude of platforms.


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